Customer Service Outsourcing

UN Technologies presents you corner to corner customer service solutions for better business. Because we believe customer contact is a relationship building opportunity. UN Technologies is a leader in the design, implementation and operation of inbound and outbound business development programs for medium to large sized companies. Outsourcing business responsibilities has taken the shape of a global phenomenon for reasons more than one. Lack of enough man power and hours, trained personnel, huge expense to maintain customer service set up are some of the reasons that have induced business houses to transfer some responsibilities to offshore organizations. We possess rich experience in generating business for organizations and also provide them with an edge over their competitors. Our opportunity generation solutions are proven to accelerate the sales cycle and maintain a steady flow of qualified opportunities for your sales professionals.

The profound benefits derived from our services are as follows:

  • Dedicated attention and prompt response
  • No hefty budgetary allocation for customer management
  • No hassle of recruiting employees for customer service
  • Expert and experienced service personnel
  • Generation of business opportunities
  • Expanding list of satisfied customers
  • Get ample time to concentrate on your other business prospects

Customer Surveys:

Keeping your finger on the customer's pulse forms the basis of success story for any business venture. This because your customers are the best source to spotlight processes which are working well, and others which are not. Often, customers actually suggest the new ideas. So, companies in fast-moving businesses, or those which rely on innovation, need to stay in touch with their customers to get their ideas and product/service feedback.
And UN Technologies provides an easy and secure means of gathering consumer information that will help you maintain customer loyalty and grow your market share. By contacting and speaking with your revered customers with a proactive approach, we help you learn what is most important to customers and how your organization is performing, relative to competitors.